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Where I Find the Books

In my fantasies I have an unlimited book budget. While I do a lot of borrowing from the library, not all are created equal, and I believe strongly in trying to patronize local bookshops. Here are my favorite places to find books:
Uncharted Books : Why yes, I would love a used bookstore that opens up the block down from my house a few months after I move in. It's a curated bookstore, which means that Tanner has paid careful attention to what is on the stacks. And the newest member, Ramona the dog, is one more reason to visit.
Anderson's: A Naperville institution, Anderson's is where you can find top-notch authors, a fantastic children's selection, and knowledgable employees.
Daedulus - The warehouse in Columbia is the true gem. New hardback books can often be found for around $5. It's also a great place to find gifts. The one caveat is that you have to be flexible - it does not behoove you to go in with a specific book in mind.
Pikesville Library - Since my local branch in Baltimore was been closed for almost three years, Pikesville is where I stopped the most. The key to short lines is to go there on a Saturday morning. The Baltimore County Library system also recently updated its software, making it easier to place hold requests and renew online.
Book Escape: A Federal Hill find, this used bookstore may not always have what you are looking for, but there's a nice collection of reasonably priced new books. It's also a great way to find Baltimore-specific books.