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You Wish by Mancy Hubbard

Image of You Wish
The cover of You Wish has a bright pink background with a pony on a cupcake.

And that pretty much sums up reading You Wish . It's taking a side trip away from my usual literary bookshelf of meth addicts, abused teenagers, abortions, and mistreated pit bulls to visit a land where the biggest problem is a boy and a pony. That's good news for everyone, not the least of which is my husband, who keeps asking me to read less books that make me cry.

On her 16th birthday, Kayla asks for her birthday wishes to come true. Every day after that, one wish materializes, be it endless gumballs or a real My Little Pony. Unfortunately, Kayla is in a race to keep one birthday wish from coming true - hoping for her best friend's boyfriend to kiss her.

Wish fulfillment is a tried and true formula - I kept thinking this book would make a cute movie, and hey, turns out Disney already got there. I didn't love this book as much as Speak or Fat Cat, but I am pretty confident that I would have devoured this book at age 12. Yes, we've read a lot of books with the cute misunderstood boy and the misft girl who are perfect for each other, and how a teenage girl doesn't get along with her mother. But parents are in good hands in putting [amzon 595142924 inline] in the hands of their young girl - there's a positive message about dealing with divorce, standing up for yourself, and not waiting around for a boyfriend.




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